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Christmas Gift Guide for the Men Who Are Hard To Buy For

Christmas Gift Guide for the Men Who Are Hard To Buy For

It's crazy to think this is my last group gift guide! There will be one more after this about stocking fillers and last minute presents that will be going up at the end of this week, but this is the final one for a specific category member! It's strange to think that a week ago I was sat surrounded by products trying to figure out how the hell I was going to put this all together.

But I have, and I've loved every minute! I'm also pretty impressed that I've been able to produce 4 blog posts in the space of less than a week when normally I struggle to post once a week at the most. 

Make sure you're all caught up with my other gift guides for friends and sisters, grandmas and mother in laws, and mums.

For me, men have always been really hard to buy for. I've grown up surrounded by picky men, which makes buying them gifts for birthdays or Christmas a right nightmare! This has meant though that I've slowly learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to presents. 

Take a scroll down and see if you pick up any gift ideas for those men in your life that are hard to buy for.


One thing that I know is that men love to be comfortable. Doesn't matter what the occasion, if they're not comfortable then they are not happy. Loungewear, in particular, is a great gift to help them feel warm and snug this winter, especially if we get any more snow like we have this week.

next black fleece zip through hoodie

You will obviously have the usual options of loungewear like slippers, pyjamas, and robes, but if you're looking for something a little different, this might be what you're looking for.

This Next fleece hoodie is a great versatile piece that can be worn over PJ's or used to layer when heading outside. It is fleece lined on the inside as well as outside and is one of the softest things I've ever felt. It's basically a furry robe disguised as a hoodie or a teddy bear coat for indoors. Basically a blanket in the shape of clothing. Dreamy.

My dad does a lot of work on the computer, so sitting still in the cold for such a long time isn't the best thing for him, so this hoodie is perfect for when he's working at this time of year.


hotel chocolat a dozen portly penguins chocolate set

I don't need to give this one much explanation; men love chocolate. End of. Well, unless they're allergic to it then maybe this isn't the best choice. 

For those who love chocolate, getting a little quirky set like this one from Hotel Chocolat would put a smile on anyone's face. These little penguins are so cute and taste amazing too. They're also available in the mix and match offer being run where you can buy 3 or more sets for £6 each. If you're looking for some more sets to pick up, check out my mums,  and grandmas and mother in laws gift guides.


Some men are really into their skincare but for those who aren't, a great gift option is bath and body products. As much as they may turn their nose up at skincare, shower gels and aftershaves will always go down a treat as they are things they use already. My boyfriend has actually found products he loves and now uses regularly from Christmas gift sets. 

baylis and harding citrus lime and mint wash bag set

One of the great things about bath and body gift sets is most of the time they will come with a wash bag. Perfect for traveling, showering at the gym or for keeping everything tidy in the bathroom, they don't go unused. 

Baylis and Harding have this great small wash bag set available that comes with a cleansing shower gel and soothing aftershave balm in a vibrant citrus lime and mint scent. They are always spot on with their scents, especially for men, as they normally head towards a lovely mixture of fresh zesty scents with woody undertones like in this set. 


There's my penultimate Christmas gift guide for men! I hope this may have helped you out in some way with sorting out pressies for those picky men. 

Once more, I want to thank the brands who gifted items for all of these gift guides- I was overwhelmed with the support I got while working on them!

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How's everyone's Christmas present shopping going? Can't believe it's less than two weeks away from the big day...

Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide For Mums + Giveaway

next mistletoe jumper

Happy Monday everyone! It's been so exciting sharing these gift guides with you, and I hope you've been enjoying them as much as it was to put them together. If you've not caught up with my other gift guides, do take a look! There's one for friends and sisters (with a giveaway too)one for grandmas and mother in laws and one for men who are hard to buy for.

This time, we're focussing on gifts for the main ladies in our lives- our mums. My mum is one of my favourite people to buy for as I love spoiling her rotten after all the things she's done for me.

Normally with mums, you might know their taste pretty well, but sometimes it's quite hard to think of new gift ideas if you've been buying gifts for them for a long time. It can be really easy to end up repeating a gift without even realising.

So here are some Christmas gift ideas for mums that you might want to treat them to, and drumroll please...there's another giveaway! Be sure to enter after you've read this post.

Christmas Gift Guide For Mums


With mums, a great option to buy them is fashion and loungewear. You will probably already know their clothing sizes and taste, so there's no need to be asking sneaky questions or taking a peek at their clothing labels to find out their size. 

next faux fur slider slippers

When it comes to my mum, slippers are a no-brainer! She loves to be comfortable and warm, so I know she'll always be chuffed with something she can wear around the house.

These slippers, in particular, are right up her street. During the summer she loves wearing her Birkenstocks around the house but as soon as the temperature drops they don't really keep her feet warm. 

These furry sliders from Next will solve all her problems with keeping her feet warm, but will still have the arch support like a Birkenstock. 

next mistletoe jumper

What would Christmas be like without the humble Christmas jumper? Be it novelty or sophisticated, festive jumpers always make a great gift choice. 

The beauty of having a simple Christmas jumper is that you can wear it out a lot more than a novelty one, as it isn't obviously festive. This mistletoe jumper is another gem from Next, and can easily be dressed up smartly or worn casually with jeans. The details are perfectly dainty, with little pearl mistletoe berries and metallic threading on the cuffs. 


Spoiling your mum leads right on to hair and beauty products. Giving them something that they can use to pamper themselves after a long day is a great gift option, and as always, there are loads of options to choose from. You can either give her something she already uses and loves, or treat her to something new that she might have been wanting to get for a while.

natural world macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner

natural world macadamia oil hair mask and treatment oil

Let's start with haircare- this will obviously depend on what type of hair they have (coloured or natural) with what type of product you buy them. Gifting someone with a full haircare range is a great way for them to find new products they love, like a shampoo and conditioner combo or a nourishing hair serum or mask. 

I love Natural World's products and have been using and working with them for a long time, so with my hand on my heart I can say they are one of my favourite haircare brands. I'm a big fan of their treatment oils in particular, which always leave my hair super soft and healthy. Their Macadamia Oil range features a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and treatment oil and is also infused with cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass, orange and ylang-ylang to leave hair nourished and shiny without irritating the scalp. 

tropic whipped body velvet buttermilk

In my opinion, a body butter is probably one of the most luxurious ways of pampering yourself- covering yourself with a super moisturising cream that will leave you so smooth you might slip off your seat makes showers and baths a much more pleasurable experience. 

If you're looking at really treating your mum, then Tropic's Whipped Body Velvet Intensely Rich Buttermelt would be a great option. It is on the more pricey side, but you do get amazing quality for your money with its luxurious mouse like consistency that leaves your skin moisturised and smooth for the whole day. It sinks into the skin easily after warming it with your hands and contains Madagascan vanilla extract, macadamia oil (you can tell I love the stuff), and rarabe butter to help soothe dry skin. 

bioderma gentle beauty essentials kit

Treating someone to products from their favourite skincare brand is a great last minute idea if you're struggling to pick something out for them and there are loads of collections available with travel sized and full-sized products.

After introducing my mum to Bioderma, she has been a fan of their micellar water ever since! This travel-sized set has some holy grail items as well as ones I've never tried before but I'm now in love with! Take the Atoderm shower gel- it soothed the small bits of eczema I had on my skin and left it really smooth. Also, the Hydrabio moisturising cream locks in moisture for a long time and amazingly teaches the skin to moisturise itself again restoring skin’s suppleness, softness and radiance.

baylis and harding midnight fig and pomegranate bath time treats set

As well as getting a main present, I also like to give my mum lots of little stocking fillers in my continued effort to spoil her. Keep a lookout in the shops as well as online, as I normally find little presents like this quite by chance. 

Baylis and Harding always get it spot on with their products and packaging like this Midnight Fig and Pomegranate Bath Time Treats Set. I mean, how adorable is this little roll top bath?!  The gorgeous smelling shower creme and body butter are also great products in their own right.


I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't like candles. You can give them as a stocking filler in the form of tea lights and votives, or as the main gift with three wick candles. Whatever you choose the scent is always key!  

baylis and harding winter spruce and berries candle

Baylis and Harding don't only do beauty, but also the most amazing smelling candles. The Winter Spruce and Berries candle comes beautifully decorated with this embossed jar and Christmas tree decorated lid. 

Most importantly, it smells so good. To put it simply, it's like Christmas in a jar with hints of cinnamon, pine and red berries, and creates a lovely aroma that isn't too overpowering in a room. 


Again, giving chocolate as a gift doesn't have to be boring, especially when they look good. Make sure you pick selections in interesting flavours or in cool packaging, and these will make another great stocking filler for your mum.

hotel chocolat truffle baubles

It was a real struggle not to eat these before I shot them! When I worked with Hotel Chocolat last year, I fell in love with their truffles in their advent calendar, and now they are back in my life in the form of these truffle baubles. 

These filled chocolates come in their three classic types: simple white, dark and milk, and can be used in their mix and match deal where you can buy 3 or more items for £6 each. If you're looking for some more sets to pick out, check out the enchanted trees set in my gift guide for grandmas and mother in laws, and the portly penguins set in my men's guide.


And now for the giveaway! Natural World are giving one of you the chance to win the entire Macadamia Oil haircare range featured in this gift guide! To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There's my Christmas gift guide for mums! I do hope you liked it, and if you did be sure to check out my other gift guides for:

As always, many thanks to the brands who gifted items for this guide!

Are any of you in the festive spirit yet? I certainly am after yesterday's snowfall...


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Christmas Gift Guide For Grandmas and Mother in Laws

Christmas Gift Guide For Grandmas and Mother in Laws

Welcome back to my second Christmas gift guide! If you missed my first one on gifts for friends and sisters, you can take a look at it here. There's also one on mums too with a little giveaway at the end, as well as one for the men in your life that are hard to buy for.

This guide is focussing on grandmas and mother in laws! This group is more likely to have sophisticated traditional tastes and can sometimes be very particular in what they like! If you know their taste, go in the direction of homeware and beauty products in their favourite scents.

There are loads of products on the market at the moment that look really luxe for an affordable price, as well as gift sets that contain loads of products for half the price they normally would be.

So if you're looking for some ideas for your grandmas and mother in laws that you may not have thought of, keep reading!


This time of year, everyone loves to decorate in time for Christmas, be it with just the tree or by going all out with lights, tinsel, ivy, sparkle- the lot! One gift that would work for both types of people is festive themed homeware.

next stag taillight holder

next stag taillight holder

next noel sign

If I could, I would kit my whole home out in Next homeware, and their Christmas decorations do not disappoint this year. You can easily spruce up your home with fairy light trees, animal ornaments, festive signs and personalised baubles. 

This stag tealight holder would make the perfect centrepiece on the table for Christmas dinner, or on a mantlepiece decked out with ivy. It'll also look great alongside this gold Noel sign, and going with the animal theme it has these cute rabbits in Santa hats! Both are pretty big too so you can be decorated around really easily. 

The stag tealight holder is sadly out of stock but there are plenty of similar stag decorations for you to choose from.


You can always find a good beauty set for any female family member, but ones for grandmas and mother in laws are more likely to be floral scents and moisturising pampering treats. This time of year with the cold weather drying out skin, you can never have enough hand creams and bath products!

yardley london hand cream collection

To help with tackling dry cracked hands this Christmas, why not get them a little selection of hand creams to choose from? This Yardley hand cream selection comes in four classic scents: lavender, rose, bluebell and dahlia, and smell amazing! They're also really thick and luxurious to apply and are really nourishing due to the shea butter in them.

They're small enough to pop in your bag for on the go and the beautiful packaging means it's easy to find in a full handbag.  


bronnley iris and pink peony soap and bath fizzer collection

How about treating them to a bathtime treat with some gorgeous smelling soaps and bath fizzers? Bronnley have some fab sets available including this Iris and Wild Cassis, and Pink Peony and Rhubarb one that will fill any bathroom with the most incredible smell. Believe me, if this was a perfume I would be buying it!

The two soaps create a great lather and are cleansing without drying out the skin, so they are good enough not only by the sink but also to use in the shower, while the bath fizzers add a stunning floral aroma in your bathroom. 


baylis and harding prosecco fizz hand wash

If solid soaps aren't to someone's taste, they are some really luxe liquid hand soaps out there. When you have something you use every day, it can be nice to add a little luxury to it every now again. Hand soaps can be boring, but not if they're as cool as this one from Baylis and Harding. 

The sweet prosecco scent of this limited edition Prosecco Fizz hand wash will jazz up any bathroom and at £1.50 it's an absolute steal. I wouldn't blame you if you got one for yourself too...


Christmas is the best time to treat someone. You have the obvious selection boxes, but if you're looking for something a bit different there are lots of luxury chocolate brands that have gift sets available for the chocolate lovers in your lie.

Hotel Chocolat enchanted forest chocolate christmas trees

Hotel Chocolat always have great chocolate sets and this year they do not disappoint! Their Enchanted Forest set is a real treat, with 10 caramel and milk chocolate Christmas trees. Also with their mix and match deal you can buy 3 or more items for £6 each, meaning you can treat someone to a great selection.

If you're looking for some other chocolates to add to your mix and match deal, take a look at my gift guide for mums and men that features some more Hotel Chocolat goodies.



Those are my gift picks for your grandmas and mother in laws! I'd love to know what you think of any of them, and if you have any of your own ideas do let me know.

Again thank you to all the brands who sent me gifts to feature!

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide For Friends and Sisters + Giveaway!

Christmas Gift Guide For Friends and Sisters, beauty products and pyjamas

It's that time again where you start pulling your hair out trying to think of what presents to buy your friends and family. 

You end up scouring site after site and battling the crowds in shopping centres sometimes without having a real idea of what you're looking for. That may be because the people you need to get presents for are really difficult to buy for.

I've had quite a bit of experience with buying for picky people, so throughout the year if I come across any present ideas suitable for someone I'll pop them in my note section ready for this time of year. 

I've got 5 gift guides for different categories of your friends and family coming to you this December: friends and sisters, grandmas and mother in laws, mums, men that are hard to buy for, and last minute stocking fillers. 

So if you're struggling with gift ideas for your family and friends, I hope these might help point you in the right direction this Christmas. Plus there's a little giveaway waiting at the end of this post for you!

Christmas Gift Guide For Friends and Sisters, beauty products and pyjamas

Friends and sisters are probably the easiest people to buy for in my opinion as you normally have a similar taste to them. When I shop for my friends it's almost like I'm shopping for myself unless I know there's something they really don't like. 

I find you can also be a bit more fun with this category than the others- glittery makeup, interesting smelling candles, and crazy slogans are something you can get away with when gifting for your pals.


A no-brainer is makeup and beauty products, especially if they love a bit of glitter. I mean, if Christmas isn't the perfect time to get your glitz on then when is?!

beauty blvd on the rocks face gems

beauty blvd stardust glitter

Do you know someone who goes all out with face paint and glitter at a festival? Beauty Blvd have some fantastic glitter sets and gems for those who love to go all out for Christmas and New Year and lip and eye masks for those who are tamer.

The On The Rocks face gems are super easy to apply and you can either incorporate them into your makeup look or get experimental by using them on your body. They also have so many different styles from huge teardrop gems to little silver stars like in set #15. 

It can easily be paired with the Stardust glitter too- again they have loads of different styles and colours and also comes with gel and an applicator brush. The iridescent pieces have all the mermaid vibes, so I'll definitely be rebuying for festivals next year!

If you're getting ready for a Christmas party or recovering from seeing in the new year, then the Divine Hydra-Gel Eye Mask will help battle those puffy under-eye bags. There are 2 sets of eye masks in the set so you really get your money's worth!


Kat von d everlasting glimmer veil liquid lipsticks

As well as full-on glitter, brands add some sparkle to makeup products for the festive season. Kat Von D's Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipsticks are the perfect little treat for those who love to be daring with colours. They are super pigmented and glittery and dry really quickly. You can also layer these over lipstick for a foiled finish.

 For a classic festive look, I'm loving Rocker (orangy red) and Thunderstruck (white gold), and for a more daring fun NYE look Televator (purple) and Shockful (hot pink) make such a great impact. 


Next initial makeup bag

If you know someone who loves their makeup, then how about getting them something to keep all of the products in? With personalised gifts still going strong, Next have brought out these initial makeup bags that are big enough to hold your everyday makeup (including palettes) without having to sacrifice on design. These look so luxe with the faux snake's skin and tassel zip and will be my travel makeup bag from now on.

Available in grey and millennial pink, this is a great one for your BFF, and you could even fill it with some of the Kat Von D lipsticks...


lee stafford coco loco mini shampoo and conditioner

If you know what their fave haircare brand is, then mini's of these can make great little additional gifts! I love receiving mini's of products as I can use them for when I travel, and if it's a new product to me I can try before I buy. 

I'm a huge fan of Lee Stafford's Coco Loco range and love the fact they sell mini's as well as full-size products. The star ingredient is coconut oil and it helps leave the hair soft and nourished while adding natural shine. Team the shampoo and conditioner together to get super soft, beautifully smelling locks.



elegant touch tinsel tips and reign dear nails

For the person who loves trying out new colours and styles on their nails, why not get them some festive nails so they can go all out without spending hours trying to decorate their own nails with a super shaky hand! In my opinion, Elegant Touch are the champions of fake nails, and they've brought out two limited edition Christmas nails. 

For the glitter lovers, the Tinsel Tips nails wouldn't look out of place at a Christmas party with red, gold and green sequins, while the Reign Dear nails would pair perfectly with your novelty jumper on Christmas Day with a crimson base and fair isle print. Partnered with their nail guards, you can get awesome nails in no time, without having to worry about glue damage. 



katy perry indi perfume set

A perfume set is go-to if you're really stuck for ideas but know they have a favourite perfume or that they enjoy trying out new scents. With so many perfumes out there it can be quite difficult to choose one to invest in. However, the gift sets that are brought out for Christmas are the best way for someone to try a new scent, like this Katy Perry Indi set. 

Featuring the EDP, shower gel and body lotion, this scent is definitely one for those who love a musky scent - it does have 11 different ones blended in it after all! It can easily be worn throughout the day and well into the evening and the packaging is super sleek.

If you're looking at getting someone a stand-alone perfume as a gift, why not check out this post for some of the scents I'm raving about.



next navy bunny pyjamas

I'm a sucker for anything warm and cosy, and these rabbit PJ's from Next would be perfect for anyone who feels the same! These ones are so soft and fit really well, and keep you warm when you're sitting on the sofa binging on Christmas films and Lindt chocolate reindeers. 

One of the things that make these pyjamas special are the little details such as the gold bows at the side of the top and the extra long cuffs so there's no chance of your sleeves rolling up in the night and making you cold.

Unfortunately, these are currently out of stock, but they have loads of prints in this style still available! 



It's giveaway time! I've teamed up with Beauty Blvd to give away their products featured in this gift guide! Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win the On The Rocks face gems (15), Stardust glitter (Pegasus) and Divine Hydra-Gel Eye Mask!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck!

So there you go! Hope that's helped you sort out some of your presents for this year. Take a look at my other gift guides for:

Which gift idea was your favourite?

Let me know if you have any other ideas for what to get your friends and sisters for Christmas.

Thank you to all the brands who kindly sent gifts to be featured!

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